Project 333 Adventures

Project 333 Adventures

0F3F922F-8771-49A6-B901-38433ED3761DI have wanted to clean out my closet for some time now, and finally set out to dig into the task.  Coincidentally I found a discussion about Capsule Wardrobes and how to create them.  The concept sounded interesting and just what I need to keep my clothes scaled down, so I decided to take the plunge and bought a course I found, Project 333.  That is essentially, creating a series of seasonal wardrobes using only 33 clothing items as a capsule that one uses exclusively during a three month period.

The course is laid out in a series of lessons.  The first lesson  asks the following questions and wants us to keep a journal somewhere of our answers.  So, with no further ado, here goes.

First, we were asked what are our three favorite outfits. These are mine:

. Navy linen drawstring pants, flowered top, red knit hoodie, natural colored mules.

. Navy linen drawstring pants, cobalt striped cotton jacket, pale blue longsleeved shirt, natural colored mules. (Not my favorite shirt but the best one that goes with the jacket and pants)

. Charcoal zip off cargo pants, charcoal total solar eclipse T-shirt, salmon colored SPF 50 over shirt, natural colored mules.

What in my closet would I not wear? Black print maxi skirt. I don’t like any of my other skirts.  I wear them because they’re the only skirts I currently have. As for the black print skirt, I tried to give it away but my partner retrieved it for me. I’ll sneak it out later.

Now as for the uncomfortable stuff, just this morning I took all of that stuff to Goodwill, so I have none.  Yay!

Now as for my lifestyle, I’m retired, I love to garden, I love the outdoors. Most of my clothes are comfortable, comfortable, comfortable.  I wear mostly pants and tops, and especially T-shirts I have collected from places I have been. Even my dressy clothes are comfortable and flowing. I hate tight stuff, so I never ever wear jeans or fitted anything, and I hate heels.  I’m mostly laid-back, although I do love dressy occasions occasionally. So I have a few clothes for these, although I do have some Shabat clothes. (Skirts in orthodox settings and anything fairly dressy in more liberal settings.)

Do I have different versions of myself depending on the setting I’m in? Well, sort of. Comfort is comfort whether it’s dressy or totally casual.  So I have comfy dressy clothes and comfy more casual clothes.

Do I love sales? Absolutely!

Do I have stuff with tags still on that I bought? Not anymore. I just carried all of that stuff off to Goodwill this morning.

Do I shop for support? Sometimes, but not as much as I used to.

How long does the high from a purchase last for me? I never really noticed that I get a high from purchasing other than being happy I found something I like.

If I were to start my wardrobe from scratch, what I buy?  I would probably buy a variety of loose fitting pants or culottes that were either elastic or drawstring waist, a couple of loose fitting skirts for summer or winter, several shirts or tops that were short-sleeved or longsleeved,  untailored informal jackets or sweaters, low heeled sporty and dressy shoes.

Now for shopping in my own closet, these are the things I’d still buy. All of my location T-shirts, all four zip off cargo pants, all of my seersucker blouses, both of my linen drawstring pants, my red knit hoodie, the cobalt striped jacket that I bought at a garage sale, most of my cashmere sweaters, most of my lambs wool sweaters, all of my cute sweatshirts, my brown suede wedge heeled shoes, my Easy Spirit mules (natura, blue, and flowered), blue sandals, white leather sport shoes, wool grey pullon loafers, 2 lambs wool cardigans, 3 flowered t shirts, and several crew neck and mock neck t shirts.

well, that’s it for Lesson One.  More to come.