Winter Gardening In The Midst of Chaos – Still

Winter Gardening In The Midst of Chaos – Still

(Originally Posted January 27, 2009.)

We are on the home stretch with our move and I am still gardening away. This last weekend, I decided that the landscape job still needed some cleanup, so I went out hosed down the muddy pathways, and the rocks in the culvert and moved some of the rocks. There were also a couple of things that looked unfinished (because I had not asked for them to be done), so I went out and bought three heathers and planted them in front — It looks nice, if I do say so myself. The primroses are still unplanted and I May just take them with me when we move. I also cleaned up the beds in back a little more, even though they had already been worked on. And all of this in 35 degree weather–nasty. Then I took out half of the strawberries we want to take with us, and planted them in a pot. These are really fantastic strawberries!!! Most of my bulbs are already up except for my tulips and bluebells. My red flowering currant is showing promising buds…too bad I won’t have one where we are moving. And why am I doing all this for someone who gave me such aggravation?? I’m compulsive, and I want it to look nice! That’s why!! Next stop, my new home and planting stuff I dug up!!

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