We Cut The Cord

We Cut The Cord

(Originally Posted March 17,  2015.)

Cable Freedom
Cable Freedom

Woohoo. We finally cut the cord with Comcast. Well, actually, we shaved the cord. That means we cut back our cable package drastically. We went from $190 a month to just over $100 a month, so we are now saving about $80 each month.

We prepared for this eventful day by setting up TiVo so we can still record shows, and last week I set up a TiVo mini in the living room.

So the beginning of last week I disconnected my fancy cable boxes, trotted on down to Comcast, and told them “Give me limited basic only”. I would then told that my package with now cost me $109 with blast Internet (100 mbs) and limited basic cable and no box rental. They would prorate the few days that we were still on the old package. But that was okay.

It went surprisingly easy. I had expected some static from Comcast. But then the fun begin. That was when I tried to set up the TiVo mini. I needed something called a Moca network to do it. And I needed to get some Moca adapters. I could not make heads or tails of the instructions on how to connect the cords and spent hours on the phone with TiVo and Comcast figuring out how to do it. But on Friday I got it finally got it done, and it is working just great. I was exhausted.

I’m rather proud of myself. Yes we are missing a few of our favorite channels by cutting or shaving the cord, but most of the programming I can find through streaming Hulu or Netflix. I think the minor inconvenience of missing a few channels is quite worth the $90 a month savings that we will be getting.

The image is from Pixabay with License: CC0 Public Domain

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