Our Cord Cutting Game Plan

Our Cord Cutting Game Plan

(Originally Posted March 3, 2015.)

Cord Cutting
Cord Cutting

We reached a decision on cord cutting, or actually, cord shaving, because were not actually cutting out cable altogether.

We have decided to keep the Internet service and cut back to a limited basic package with Comcast. We also plan to keep the TiVo box as our cable box to eliminate the equipment rental. Yes, I know TiVo has a monthly service fee, but it’s not as much as the Comcast box. Plus, this gives us combined searches that pull in both cable channels and streaming channels when we went to watch a specific show.

We should be able to get almost everything we usually watch using streaming channels on my Roku or TiVo and programs directly from the Internet.

I found some wonderful resources for doing the latter on disable my cable and cord cutters news. Disable My Cable has a wonderful online channel tuner with links directly to where you can watch programs. Cord Cutters News has quite a list of places where you can watch shows online. There’s a fair amount of overlap but each one has things that are unique. I make my own list, which I turned into a tag cloud in the side panel. This has the channels that I actually watch. I’ll tell you how I did that in a separate post.

I think we have a game plan. With it done we should save about $80 a month. Now comes the part where I disconnect my cable box, take them over to Comcast, and tell them to scale me back to limited basic cable and Internet. Wish me luck.

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