My Cord Cutting Channel Guide

My Cord Cutting Channel Guide

(Originally Posted March 7, 2015.)

TV Tuner
TV Tuner

We are finally going to give Comcast back their cable boxes, strip down to basic cable, and start using a TiVo instead of renting a box. I am able to stream most of the shows I watch on Netflix and Hulu already, but there are a few I can’t. For that I must go to the Internet.

Disable My Cable and Cord Cutters News both have listings of channels for almost anything you could want. But I decided to make my own listing of channels I actually use, using some of the information I learned from them. This should make it easier for me when I want to watch something. I thought about doing this as a tag cloud, but I only found two WordPress plugins that would do what I want. I like the 3D effect, but I prefer the static look. So here I simply did a link list, using different fonts and colors for each channel. I think it is easier to use, but more time consuming to make.

The static Channel List is here:

My Channels

A&E    ABC     ABC Family     AMC     Animal Planet     CNN Clips    Food Network     Fox     FX    HGTV      History Channel     Investigation Discovery    IFC   Jewish TV    My Lifetime     National Geographic     NBC     Northwest Cable News    OV Guide     PBS     SyFy     TBS     TLC     Weather Channel     Weather Nation

3D WP Tag Cloud-M is the WP plugin I used to made the 3D tag cloud. This goes in the sidebar. Under the Widget Options I set the Menu Type to Static and did nothing else to the settings here. I did not make any other settings anywhere else. You have the option of several different clouds with this plugin, but I only used one. I think the 3D effect is rather cool, but not as practical as my list.

For everything else, I am using my Roku for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling, and an assortment of oddball channels, like Daily Motion.  There are a number of other channels I could gave added here, but they all had only clips and not full episodes.  Most of the channels I have listed have both.

I still can’t find out how to get Weather Channel with live streaming other than severe weather events, Northwest Cable News or the USA channel.  If anyone knows a source, let me know.

Image from Pixabay with CC0 Public Domain License

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